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ISO C++ Committee papers by Mateusz Pusz

ISO C++ Committee (WG21) Papers

That page hosts the list of WG21 papers that I created or co-authored with other C++ experts. Source versions of those papers can be found on GitHub.

What is ISO C++ Committee?

Information on the ISO C++ Committee is available on the Committee site.

About me

Mateusz Pusz

Hi, my name is Mateusz Pusz. You can find more about me on my LinkedIn account. To make a long story short I am doing C++ for fun and living for many years now. I am a C++ consultant, trainer, and evangelist focused on Modern C++. I am also the founder of Train IT created to provide C++ training and consulting services all over the world. My main areas of interest and expertise are code performance, low latency, stability, and security.

I am an active voting member of the ISO C++ Committee (WG21) and this page is dedicated to this activity.

My Papers


Under Development

More Papers

All official ISO C++ Committee papers are available from the C++ mailings.